Ever wondered how some of those companies/websites could get such amount of traffic (hundreds of thousands of visitors) just in a single day? I don’t know about you and what you do to get your traffic, but since I’ve been in this search engine marketing game I know how hard it is (was) to get a decent amount of organic traffic to test different offers, and I always been curious how those other guys do that on such a huge massive scale.
I personally dislike the color scheme of the builder, but that’s the smallest of the issues here. The biggest problem I see is that the builder interface becomes clumsy on anything less than a large screen. The builder elements are placed in a scrollable container without any quick way to find specific elements. The arrows on the right move the view port to the left and right but they’re incredibly slow. You’re forced to move the view port one click at a time. Most of the time, interfaces like this would allow the user to click and hold on the scroll bar to move quickly through the options, but not here. It only accepts single clicks, so if the element you need is 25 spaces to the right, you have to click at least 25 times to get there. Keyboard navigation is not an option either. This just screams accessibility (and usability) nightmare.

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