20 Strategies to Get More Visitors to My Blog

When it comes to getting traffic to your blog, there’s a lot that goes into the equation. From social media to SEO, there are many ways you can drive traffic to your site. But the single best way is to create standout content that adds value to your readers in a way other blogs don’t. To do that, you have to get creative and think outside of the box.

If you can do that, you’ll have a loyal following that will be there to read every post and engage with you on a regular basis. But that’s not easy, and it takes time. In fact, most bloggers that you see have been at it for years before they ever saw any real traction. So, if you’re just starting out, don’t give up! Keep reading for 20 strategies to help you get more visitors to your blog.

1. Write and Share Infographics

One of the best ways to promote your blog is by creating and sharing infographics. This is a great way to get in front of new audiences, and it’s also very shareable on social media.

2. Optimize Your On-Page SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important things you can do to drive traffic to your blog. It involves ensuring that your content is written in a way that search engines understand it, and it also includes making sure that you have the right keywords in place.

3. Guest Blog

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to get in front of a whole new audience, and it’s also a great way to build up your own site’s authority. Try to find relevant blogs in your niche, and ask if you can contribute a post. It can be a bit of a time investment, but it can be well worth it in the long run.

4. Nail Your Email Marketing

One of the most overlooked ways to drive traffic to your blog is by building your list of email subscribers. Make it easy for people to subscribe to your newsletter by including sign-up widgets in your posts and on your homepage. Use a tool like ConvertKit or Mailchimp to manage your lists, and remember to always send valuable emails that your readers will want to open and click on!

5. Networking in Person

There’s nothing better than a face-to-face meeting with a group of people that you know are interested in your topic. Attending conferences and events is a great way to get in front a highly targeted audience, and it’s also a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with potential collaborators.

6. Network with Influencers

If you have a big enough reach, networking with influencers can be a great way to drive traffic to your blog. This could be through podcast interviews, live video chats, or simply connecting with people that have a large audience in your niche.

7. Use Paid Search and Social Media

Using paid advertising to promote your blog is a great way to get in front on the right audiences at the exact moment that they’re searching for what you have to offer. Facebook, Google, and other platforms all offer various paid advertising options, so it’s worth doing some research into what might work best for your specific business.

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